monn organic

MONN-ORGANIC Handcrafted skincare

PURIFIED ORGANIC | 100% natural high quality | Free cruelty | no artificial color & fragrance formulated in Michigan, USA 

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M O N N  is a small Artisan skincare business originally based in Michigan, USA committed to creating an all-natural, organic, and multifunctional skin care and lifestyle collection for gender-neutral use. I aims not only to provide you with 100% natural products, but also to educate about safer lifestyle choices and healthier options for yourself and the environment. Presently are located in Bangkok, Thailand.



Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient. Using only the best elements sourced from all parts of the world, especially USA — we hand-make our products in small batches to maximize freshness and effectiveness without or less the use of chemicals and with safety preservatives, and thoughtfully designed beautiful scent which is from 100% natural essentials blended. We believe in the healthier skin need not only to be pure ingredients, together the botanicals scent help restoring skin to its optimum health, relieves your daily stress-free.