About Me

. . . Mission . . .

M O N N is a small Artisan skincare business, originally based in Michigan, USA, committed to creating an all-natural, organic, and multifunctional skincare and lifestyle collection for gender-neutral use. Our aims are to provide you with 100% natural products and to educate about safer and healthier lifestyle choices for yourself and the environment. Presently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. We do not use fillers of any kind—meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient. Using only the best elements sourced from all parts of the world, especially the USA, we hand-make our products in small batches to maximize the freshness and the effectiveness. This was done with little or without the use of chemicals, as well as including safety preservatives. We thoughtfully designed beautiful scents from 100% natural essential blends, as we believe that healthier skin does not solely need to come from pure ingredients. Together, the active ingredients and botanical scents help restore the skin to its optimum health, relieving your daily stress.

. . . Myself . . .

Before I started this friendly website - - I had a lot of allergies, acne breakouts, and dermatitis on my face thoughout my teens to my 20s—noticeable bad scars, deep wrinkles, discolored acnes, and large pores. It was impossible to find a good treatment from any counter brands or any dermatologists. I started researching causes for my issues and promptly switched from using major brand products to safe, non-toxin natural alternatives. Since then, I have been obsessed with natural pure ingredients, and after I have created & DIYed on myself, my skin has completely healed with less skin allergies and a younger, healthy-glow look.

Besides my self-interests, I followed this path by getting a diploma in Organic Formulation and degrees in Herbalism while I was working in professional management in the food industry for 11 years. I have ethically sourced the finest raw natural materials the Earth has to offer. I started to educate friends and those who similarly have the same stubborned skin issues by giving them formulas to try, getting more improvement, and requiring became more. That was how the

{ monn-organic.com } journey began—from real people experiences and from “Giving is Gifting”. Thanks to All !


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